Complete Guidelines for Interstate Travel Malaysia - 2021 October

Good news! Malaysians have been mostly confined within their states or districts for most of 2021. The Government has recently announced that Interstate Travel is permitted starting from 11th October 2021 (Monday). Here’s a complete Interstate Travel Guide handbook for your reference. Let us comply with the rules and regulations set by the authorities and constantly remind ourselves to abide by the SOPs for the safety of everyone. Lindung Diri, Lindung Semua!

This guide will be split into two sections: a checklist BEFORE you travel, and the second section is DURING your travels.

1. BEFORE you travel checklist

  1. Ensure you and your family don’t have symptoms (Fever, Cough, etc.) and are in a good health condition to travel. If not, it is advised to postpone any travel plans for the time being.
  2. Make sure you and your family are fully vaccinated. Check your MySejahtera app to confirm; your status should turn yellow if you are fully dosed and past the waiting period.
  3. Check whether the place you are travelling to is a PKPD / EMCO ( Perintah Kawalan Pergerakan Diperketatkan) area. Although interstate travel is allowed, going in and from PKPD areas is still prohibitedGo here for a list of current PKPD/EMCO areas. 
  4. Pack enough masks, hand sanitizers, tissues, or plastic bags to store used masks before you travel. Remember, the safety of your own family is your responsibility.
  5. If possible, get in contact with the places/hotels you will be staying or visiting to find out their SOPs. Also, it is okay to ask if their place is an active Covid19 cluster. Avoid such places for the time being.
  6. *Optional* To avoid any issues while traveling and when MySejahtera app doesn’t work, it is advised to print and bring a copy of your Digital Vaccination Certificate. To do so, make sure you have updated to the latest MySejahtera app version. Then, on your profile page, you can click on “Generate” to generate a pdf. Download and print the pdf.
  7. *Optional* Bring along a rapid test kit in case you suddenly feel under the weather during your trip. Remember TRIIS : Test | Report to Mysejahtera | Isolate and inform close contact if positive | Seek help if condition worsens 
MySejahtera generate and download pdf copy of Digital Certificate. Source

2. DURING your travel checklist

  1. Abide by the SOPs constantly. Although travel is now permitted, we shouldn’t abuse it and always protect ourselves and abide by the SOPs. It’s the responsible thing to do; let us embrace the new norm. Act 342 is still in effect, and the government still has the right to enforce it. 
  2. Wear masks when in public places. Please wear it properly (Cover mouth and nose) and do not remove it unless when permitted. When disposing of masks, please do it properly so as not to spread the virus. Bring along tissues, plastic bags to store used masks. Sanitize your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.
  3.  Practice clear Judgment. Ultimately, our safety is our responsibility. We should judge whether a crowded place is worth visiting or whether it’s safe to do certain things. Please constantly remind ourselves to act responsibly and not be carried away.

There you have it, a guide for interstate travel for your convenience. I hope that we will always stay safe while we travel for the sake of everyone. The pandemic has badly affected the travel and hospitality industry, and everyone misses loved ones at “Kampung”. Living with Covid19 is not easy, but let’s do it together as a Keluarga Malaysia the best we can.


Disclaimer : This guide is not an official guide. The rules, regulations and standard operating procedures might change without notification. Please refer to the official government sources or Ministry of Health for the latest updates.

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